JOULE Cyclone Thermal Store 2.0 Solar 200L to 500L

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The Joule Cyclone Thermal Store 2.0 is the ideal solution for multi-energy applications. The hot water is produced through the freshwater module mounted on the front of the tank.
This provides far superior flow rates compared with the older internal coil version. The tank has many direct connections to allow for multiple heat sources and heat zones. The tank is manufactured from stainless steel and has the usual quality the outer casing that you expect from a Joule Cyclone cylinder.

3kW Incoloy immersions fitted as standard. Solar coil option available. Female connections throughout. Bevelled stat pocket for better fitting. Metallic grey wipe clean rigid case for a premium appearance. Ideal multi-energy tank solution. 1” direct connections. Butt Welded process used throughout and robotically welded. Branded quality components used throughout. Multiple system schematics available in the installation manual.